Sebastian Radu

Food Photographer

This is My Story

Everything started from an ordinary little flower… I just bought a small compact camera and photographing everything around me. It was very funny at that time. One day I was in the sister yard and I was trying to photograph a flower in “macro” style (with a blurred background). I have not succeeded at that time (2008) so I started seeking answers for my problem.

But let me start though by this: my name Sebastian, friends call me Sebi, I have over 30 years and I’m from Piatra Neamt – Romania (a beautiful mountain city with a lot of lakes and rivers). My passion for photography I discovered at the age of 23 years, during college.


I did not follow a college with an artist profile, just a technical one. But as time passed, I realized that photography has a strong connection with sciences, namely “perfection”. While this perfection cannot be reached, I try to approach it from a photo shoot to another.

Why food photography? Why not ?! I admit wholeheartedly that I like to cook but also the entire process of photography. So it was easy to choose this type of photography. I’m trying to continuously improve the quality of my results by practicing food photography as much as I can, reading books, attending courses and seminars, following blogs.

I hope you find here as much information that you need and for other questions / services you can contact me via the contact page.

Ooh, if you are in Romania (or know Romanian language) you can visit my other food website – BucateleNoastre – where you will find extremely tasty recipes.